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Thought it worth including some of the recent reviews of our fishing – you would expect us to tell you it was great – but here are some reviews from others who have visited it our water & taken the time to write about there experiences.

Hope you visit our wee bit of river some time & at only £10.00 for season of Trout & Grayling fishing i don’t think it can be beat.

Meetings Avon & Calder Water By James Muldoon

Meetings Avon & Calder Water By James Muldoon

3 Responses to Reviews Upper Avon

  1. James Maxwell says:

    Been fishing at Gilmourton and Brown’s Bridge for a while now and had great success. I’m a member and was wanting to know of any other good spots i should try especially with the water being so low recently

  2. james white says:

    hi there new to the upper avon .any one recomend where to fish was down on the 16th march for a wee cast and a walk to have a wee gander looks good . cheers james

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